Schaeffer, Pierre, Reibel, Guy, Ferreyra Beatriz,

1998 (1967)

Solfège de l'objet sonore

Book with 3 CDs. Paris: Ina-GRM.

Language(s): English,  French,  Spanish


Classification of Sound Musique Concrète Schaefferian Theory Acoustics Parameters of Sound Loop Quatre Écoutes Reduced Listening Perception Psychoacoustics Anamorphose (Anamorphosis)


These recordings provide numerous examples which support the Traité des objets musicaux.

Its structure includes a prologue and nine themes:

  1. the four elements of musical theory
  2. correlations between spectrum and pitch
  3. duration and information
  4. time thresholds of the ear
  5. time distorsion (anamorphose)
  6. artificial attacks and secondary attack - characteristics of sustained sounds
  7. the timbre of sounds and the concept of the musical instrument
  8. morphology of the sound object
  9. typology of musical objects
  10. applications

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Schaeffer, Pierre, Reibel, Guy, Ferreyra Beatriz, (1998 (1967)). Solfège de l'objet sonore