Marinelli, Elisabetta (ed.)


Il complesso di Elettra. Mappa ragionata dei centri di ricerca e produzione musicale in Italia (The Elettra Complex. Mapping research centres and musical production in Italy)

Roma, CIDIM (ISBN 88-85765-05-X).


Language(s): Italian


Analysis Digital Aesthetics Discourse within Electroacoustic Music Socio-Cultural Aspects of Electroacoustic Music Impact of Electroacoustic Music Computer Music


This book presents a series of essays dedicated to the state of musical production, research and theoretical considerations in the field of electronic music in Italy. A survey of electronic centres, other structures and schools of electronic music and conservatories follows. These surveys include: a brief history, an overview of scientific research (contents and titles of main publications), musical production (typology and main titles), communication and dissemination, technical equipment, and a glossary.

Table of contents:

1. Introduction (Gisella Belgeri)
2. Music and science, from Pitagora to the CEMAT (Marco Stroppa)
3. Science, music and technology: yesterday, today and tomorrow (Giuseppe Di Giugno)
4. Micro- economics of electronic music (Nicola Bernardini - Alvise Vidolin)
5. The civilization of sound. Problems of transition (Michelangelo Lupone)
6. Technology and dramaturgy (Giorgio Battistelli)
7. Searching and researching (Luca Francesconi)
8. The relationship between the CEMAT (Centri Musicali ATtrezzati) and the Performing Arts (Nicola Sani)
9. Centres of Research & production of computer music in the world (Nicola Bernardini)
10. Live electronics (Mauro Cardi - Luigi Ceccarelli)
11. Exalted the Arts, affirmed the imagination, what type of education? (Roberto Doati)
12. Conservation, documentation and restoration of electronic musical assets (Alvise Vidolin)
13. Centres of research and musical production: AC.EL. ˝ Napoli, AGON ˝ Milano, A.I.M.I. ˝ Venezia, Centro Produzione Musica Elettroacustica - EDISON ˝ Roma, Centro Tempo Reale ˝ Firenze, C.E.R.M. ˝ Sassari, C.I.A.R.M. ˝ Ferrara, C.I.R.S. ˝ Venezia, Civica Scuola di Musica ˝ Milano, CNUCE-C.N.R. ˝ Firenze, CNUCE-C.N.R. ˝ Pisa, C.R.F. ˝ Torino, C.R.M. ˝ Roma, C.S.C. ˝ Padova, D.I S.T. ˝ Genova, GRAMMA - L’Aquila, I.R.I.S. ˝ Frosinone, L.I.M. ˝ Milano, L.I.M.B. ˝ Venezia, MM&T ˝ Milano, Musica Verticale ˝ Roma, S.A.P.E. ˝ Ancona, Spaziomusica Ricerca ˝ Cagliari
14. Other structures: D.M.S. ˝ Bologna, L.M.S. ˝ LÝAquila, Silence ˝ Bari, The Audio-Lab ˝ Caserta, Dipartimento di ingegneria elettronica dell’Universit‡ degli Studi di Roma Tor Vergata
15. Electronic music in conservatories of music: ministerial decree 24 September 1994; Conservatory of music and officially recognized high schools with electronic music courses
16. Glossary

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Marinelli Elisabetta (Ed.), (1995). Il complesso di Elettra. Mappa ragionata dei centri di ricerca e produzione musicale in Italia