Garcia, Denise


'Concert multiphonie' : l'espace différencié

Ars Sonora, No. 7. Paris: Ars Sonora/CDMC: 99-122.


Language(s): French


Acousmatic Composed Space Spatialisation Loudspeaker Orchestra


The author relates the first multi-channel concert of the Groupe de Recherches Musicales in 1997. The multi-channel system contained two circles of 8 loudspeakers and additional loudspeakers for a large space. First, she presents a short history of the acousmonium. In the second part, she relates the thoughts of different composers on their concert experiences: François Bayle (Arc and En Ciel), Jacques Lejeune (L’Église oubliée), François Donato (Étude S), Denis Dufour (Fanfare), Daniel Teruggi (Echoi), Christian Zanési (Jardin Public) and Jean Schwartz (Octosax). They analyse the place of space in their musical works and the different techniques they use to realise their pieces.

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Garcia, Denise (1998). 'Concert multiphonie' : l'espace différencié

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Garcia, Denise (2000). Body Representations in the Electroacoustic Music