Lejeune, Jacques


Parcours, imagerie et classifications

Ars Sonora, No. 8. Paris: Ars Sonora/CDMC: 33-48.

URL: http://www.ars-sonora.org/html/numeros/numero08/08b.htm

Language(s): French


Acousmatic Analysis Structural Analysis Electroacoustic Music


Through four approaches, Jacques Lejeune analyses his work l’Invitation au départ:
- “Vocalité” (‘voiceness’): roles and evocation of voices
- The image: extra-musical themes in his music
- Diffusion and spatialisation: different spatial configurations
- The structure of the work

Abstract translation(s):


Lejeune, Jacques (1999). Parcours, imagerie et classifications

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Lejeune, Jacques (1991). La forme dans le paysage (2)


Lejeune, Jacques (1991). La forme dans le paysage (2)