Schaeffer, Pierre, Brunet, Sophie


Pierre Schaeffer. Reflexions

La Revue Musicale. Paris: Richard-Masse.

Language(s): French


Musique Concrète Electroacoustic Music Radiophonics


The first part of this book contains three aspects of Pierre Schaeffer’s career: literary, musical and administration of impossible institutions. Brunet bases her reflections only on the writings of Pierre Schaeffer and not on his musical works.

The second part consists of five poetic texts by Pierre Schaeffer are not particularly related to electroacoustic music.

Table of Content:

  1. Exchange of letters
  2. Pierre Schaeffer by Sophie Brunet
    - Approaches
    - The shared heart or three Simons
    - Object and method
    - You will live alone
  3. Reflections by Pierre Schaeffer
    - I write to you of a remote country
    - The golden age
    - Uninhabitable spaces
    - Curved space
    - The spirit of contradicition
  4. Appendix

Abstract translation(s):


Schaeffer, Pierre, Brunet, Sophie (1969). Pierre Schaeffer. Reflexions