Reibel, Guy, Mâche, François-Bernard


Guy Reibel

La Revue Musicale: Les mal entendus, N° 314-315. Paris: Richard-Masse: 127-134.

Language(s): French


Musique Concrète Music Education Computer Music Electroacoustic Music Mixed Work


In this interview, Guy Reibel details his musical ideas on electroacoustic music and his compositional techniques. Various subjects are developed: the role of technology in his artistic creation, his experimental attitude in the studio or in front of score, the place of the voice in his music, the pedagogy of his electroacoustic conservatory class, the place of the computer in music and analysis and current trends in electroacoustic music.

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Reibel, Guy, Mâche, François-Bernard (1978). Guy Reibel