Ussachevsky, Vladimir


La 'tape music' aux États-Unis

La Revue Musicale: Vers une musique expérimentale, N° 236. Paris: Richard-Masse: 51-55.

Language(s): French


Recording Mixed Work Tape Music


The author presents early American tape music. The first concert was in 1952 at Columbia University with works by Vladimir Ussachevsky. He also analyses a number of techniques and the musical aesthetic of the time through examples by Otto Luening (Low Speed, An Invention on a Twelve-Tone Theme, and Fantasy in Space), John Cage (Williams Mix), Christian Wolff (Magnetic Tape), Earl Brown (Octet), Louis and Bebe Barron (For an Electronic Nervous System n°1) and himself (Sonic Contours).

Abstract translation(s):


Ussachevsky, Vladimir (1957). La 'tape music' aux États-Unis

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