Ferrari, Giordano


Perspectivae sintagma I : une analyse

L'inouï, No. 1. Paris: Léo Scheer/IRCAM: 91-108.

Language(s): French


Micro-level Structure MIDI Harmonising Synthesis and Resynthesis Techniques Real-time Transformation Analysis Grammar Computer Music Mixed Work Serialism Timbre


The author analyses Perspectivae sintagma I by Brice Pauset, a work for MIDI keyboard and live electronics. The composer organises his work on the basis of the canon, a composition technique articulated in this case employing a subject (the keyboard) and a response (the synthetic sounds). The author presents a very complete analysis of this canon: its writing, its computer realization, the timbre, its relation with time.

Abstract translation(s):


Ferrari, Giordano (2005). Perspectivae sintagma I : une analyse

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Ferrari, Giordano (1994). Vers un scénario imaginaire : l'opéra radiophonique italien


Ferrari, Giordano (1994). Vers un scénario imaginaire : l'opéra radiophonique italien