Mailliard, Bénédict


À la recherche du studio musical

La Revue Musicale: Recherche musicale au GRM. Paris: Richard-Masse: 51-63.

Language(s): French


Computing Electroacoustic Devices Brassage Editing Filter Computer Music Digital Music Morphologie (Morphology)


This two part article presents the musical use of digital technologies. In the first part, “Digital techniques”, the author lists different technologies and opportunities they offer electroacoustic music. He also imagines an ideal program for the composer. The second part, “The 123 digital studio”, presents the digital studio at the Groupe de Recherches Musicales and the relationships between computer applications and musical research.

This article also contains a history of the equipment in the 123 studio including a complete list of installed software with descriptions of applications.

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Mailliard, Bénédict (1986). À la recherche du studio musical