Allouis, Jean-François, Delalande, François


Syter et le temps réel

La Revue Musicale: Recherche musicale au GRM. Paris: Richard-Masse: 64-71.

Language(s): French


Computing Interface Real-time Digital Music Live Electronics


The authors present the SYTER system and its musical use. SYTER is a computer for sound control. They focuse on two points: its advantage is that it is an open system where the composer can construct his or her program and how it works in real-time. Its weak point is that the interface has not been adapted for musical purposes.

Abstract translation(s):


Allouis, Jean-François, Delalande, François (1986). Syter et le temps réel

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Allouis, Jean-François, Delalande, François (1976). Syter


Allouis, Jean-François, Delalande, François (1976). Syter

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