Dubedout, Bertrand


Pierre Henry Mouvement - Rythme - Etude

Vers un art acousmatique. Lyon: GMVL: 32-60.

Language(s): French


Sound Object Schaefferian Theory Analysis Visual Representation Structural Analysis


Mouvement - Rythme - Etude is a piece by Pierre Henry composed in 1970 for the choreographer Maurice Béjart. The author analyses 14 of the 21 original movements: Exercice 1, Pureté, Sauts, Exercice 2, Figures, Danse, 1er Adagio, Continuum, Détiré-écarté, Elan, Temps de pointe, 2e Adagio, Valse, 3e Adagio. From the general structure, he details the sound objects and the techniques in each section and analyses relationships between the different movements. A visual representation of the 14 movements completes the article.

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Dubedout, Bertrand (1990). Pierre Henry Mouvement - Rythme - Etude