Kröpfl, Francisco


Organizing Sound in Electroacoustic Music, questions and Hints: a Proposal of Exploration for the Young

Bourges Academy: Electroacoustic Music: Reflections and prospects. Bourges: Acteon-Mnemosyne: 201-205.

Language(s): English,  French


Micro-level Structure Analysis Visual Representation Structural Analysis Grammar Electroacoustic Music Phenomenology


The author presents his compositional method using sound criteria and visual representations of them. He begins with two questions: Can cadential processes present in the structure of traditional music be fulfilling in electroacoustic music? Can these processes be considered as universal traits translatable into features different from systematic tension/resolution? Sound unities can be analysed and represented through different criteria: amplitude, spectrum, brightness, density, granularity, pitch and register. Each criterion can be associated to aid in constituting micro-structures.

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