Deutsch, Herbert A.


Synthesis: An Introduction to the History, Theory, and Practice of Electronic Music

New York: Alfred Publishing Co.

Language(s): English


Musique Concrète Historical Electroacoustic Instruments Synthesizer Sound Shaping Synthesis and Resynthesis Techniques Electronic Music


This article is a panorama of electronic music from the precursors of twentieth centuries’ beginning to analog synthesizers of the 1970s. After a short introduction on musical languages of the 1970s, the author presents the historical phases in terms of a number of studios as well as the techniques of analog synthesis. A glossary of frequently used terms in electronic music completes this book.

Table of contents:

  1. Today’s musical vocabulary
  2. A short history of electronic music
  3. The tape recorder as a musical instrument
  4. The electronic synthesis of sound
  5. Electronic music synthesizers (1)
  6. Electronic music synthesizers (2)
  7. Electronic music synthesizers (3) Appendix: in the studio