Henry, Pierre, Vérin, Nicolas


Entretien avec Pierre Henry

Ars Sonora, no 9. Paris: Ars Sonora/CDMC.

URL: http://www.ars-sonora.org/html/numeros/numero09/09c.htm

Language(s): French


Musique Concrète Recording Electroacoustic Music


Pierre Henry starts with a remark: “In my opinion, musique concrète died while being born”. Pierre Henry evokes the birth of various musiques concrètes in different domains: classical instrumental music, cinema with Walter Ruttmann and radio with Pierre Schaeffer. For Pierre Henry, making musique concrète is recording, all recorded music is musique concrète. He prefers the simple term “music” for his music. He also includes the following subjects:
- his work with Pierre Schaeffer: his understanding of Schaeffer’s theory, the work on Symphonie pour un homme seul
- the improvisation of electroacoustic music
- popular music as part of his creative work: electronic jerk, techno
- his visual creative work

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Henry, Pierre, Vérin, Nicolas (1999). Entretien avec Pierre Henry