Georgaki, Anastasía


À la recherche de la voix-Protée: penser la voix de synthèse aujourd'hui

Journées d'Informatique Musicale. Issy-Les-Moulineaux: CEMAMu: 97-108.


Language(s): French


Synthesizer Synthesis and Resynthesis Techniques Computer Music


The author describes scientific and musical models of computer voice synthesis in five sections:
- Scientifical and musical introduction of voice synthesis through the four causal models of Aristotle
- The different models of vocal synthesis and their use in musical works by Chowning, Harvey and Manoury
- How composers produce the synthesised voice and what is its form?
- What is the final reason to use voice synthesis as far as scientists and composers are concerned?
- The finale objective: simulate vocal sounds and create new sounds. The author outlines some ideas for a voice synthesizer.

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Georgaki, Anastasía (1999a). À la recherche de la voix-Protée : penser la voix de synthèse aujourd'hui

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