La musique électroacoustique

CD-Rom (Mac-Windows). Paris: Ina-GRM/Hyptique.

Language(s): French


Soundscape Composition Historical Electroacoustic Instruments Delay Filter Transposition Varispeed Electroacoustic Instruments Visual Representation Analysis Analogue Electroacoustic Music Computer Music Electroacoustic Music Electronic Music Live Electronics Mixed Work


This CD-ROM contains three parts: “understanding” (encyclopaedia of the electroacoustic music produced in the GRM); “listening” (analysis and graphical representation of six works); and “making” (mini-studio allowing the realization of a number of sound alterations).

Abstract translation(s):


INA-GRM, (2000). La musique électroacoustique

All references of the same author:


INA-GRM, (1977). La musique du futur a-t-elle un avenir ?
INA-GRM, (1986). Catalogue des œuvres de 1948 à 1986


INA-GRM, (1977). La musique du futur a-t-elle un avenir ?
INA-GRM, (1986). Catalogue des œuvres de 1948 à 1986

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