Sapir, Sylviane


Informatique musicale et temps réel; geste-structure-matériau

Structure Musicales et Assistance Informatique. Marseille: MIM: 5-19.

Language(s): French


Real-time Gesture Computer Music


To break with the usual study of digital gesture compared to instrumentalist gesture, the author proposes to analyse the gesture in computer music through its compositional qualities and material parameters. She reports experiences at the Centro di Sonologia of Padua University with the 4i and 4x computers in which she created relationships between sounds and gestures. She has realised a system to convert gesture into sound parameters.

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Sapir, Sylviane (1989). Informatique musicale et temps réel ; geste-structure-matériau

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Sapir, Sylviane (2002). Gestural Control of Digital Audio Environments