Gobin, Pascal, Delalande, François


Les unités sémiotiques temporelles : un niveau d'analyse de l'organisation musicale du temps

Les universaux en musique. Paris: Publication de la Sorbonne: 573-587.

Language(s): French


Sound Object Schaefferian Theory Analysis Listening Experience Semiotics


This paper is the first presentation (1994) of Unités Sémiotiques Temporelles (UST), an analysis tool for listener-based research. The authors detail the first musical experiments at the MIM Centre in 1991, present some examples of UST morphological forms and possible modeling and two analyses (extract of Variations en étoiles for tape by Guy Reibel and an interpretation of Sonata XVI/50 by Joseph Haydn). To conclude they introduce their future research intentions.

This article is related to Les unités sémiotiques temporelles (1996).

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Gobin, Pascal, Delalande, François (1998). Les unités sémiotiques temporelles : un niveau d'analyse de l'organisation musicale du temps