Heinrich, Marie-Noëlle


Création musicale et technologies nouvelles

Paris: L'Harmattan.

Language(s): French


Sound Object Electroacoustic Instruments Synthesis and Resynthesis Techniques Gestural Interface Real-time Gesture Socio-Cultural Aspects of Electroacoustic Music Computer Music Live Electronics Mixed Work Psychoacoustics Semiotics


New technologies prompted a new type of musical creation and a new definition of the instrument concept. Through an historical and technical approach, the author analyses the various fields of technological creativity in the twentieth century: computer music, synthesis, gestural interfaces, psychoacoustics, musical research, new definitions of musical works, the role of composers and musicians in society and in the market economy.

Table of contents:

  1. Evolution of new musical technologies
    - Technological ruptures
    - A mutation of the instrument
    - Aesthetic revolutions
    - The activity of composition
  2. Conditions and properties of musical creation
    - French musical research. Towards an interdisciplinarity
    - Psychoacoustics as a new discipline for the studyof the musical object
    - A musical object difficult to seize
  3. Changed relations and mediations
    - Statutes and the relations amongst the actors
    - Communication between the artist and the public
    - Mediation and the economic conditions of musical production

Abstract translation(s):


Heinrich, Marie-Noëlle (2003). Création musicale et technologies nouvelles