Cadoz, Claude


Musique, geste, technologie

Les nouveaux gestes de la musique. Marseille: Parenthèses: 47-92.

Language(s): French


Electroacoustic Devices Gesture Capture Electroacoustic Instruments Gestural Interface


Through the elaboration of a new instrument typology, the author demonstrates why the computer is not a musical instrument. In the first part, he details the characteristics of the traditional instrument. The second part is dedicated to music and new technologies. He analyses the term “new technologies” and the relationships between this term and the gesture.

Abstract translation(s):


Cadoz, Claude (1999). Musique, geste, technologie

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Cadoz, Claude (1988). Instrumental Gesture and Musical Composition
Cadoz, Claude (1988). Informatique et outil de création musicale


Cadoz, Claude (1988). Informatique et outil de création musicale

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