Mathews, Max


L'ordinateur en tant qu'instrument de musique

La musique en projet. Paris: Gallimard/IRCAM: 69-79.

Language(s): French


Synthesis and Resynthesis Techniques Real-time Computer Music


The author presents the subject of musical composition with computer. After a short introduction on computer music generalities, he describes the work of the composer with the various tools of a computer studio such as the GROOVE system including the possibilities of real-time interaction. To conclude, he tackles some awkward questions: Is the computer music boring? and How does one find CDs of computer music?

Abstract translation(s):


Mathews, Max (1975). L'ordinateur en tant qu'instrument de musique

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Mathews, Max (1995). The Esthetic Situation and Actual View of Electroacoustic Music Performance

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