Robert, Martial


Ivo Malec et son studio instrumental

Paris: L'Harmattan.

Language(s): French


Musique Concrète Analysis Electroacoustic Music Mixed Work


The author presents the role of electroacoustic concepts in instrumental works of Ivo Malec. To demonstrate his thesis, he analyses a number of electroacoustic works by Ivo Malec (Dahovi (1961) for tape, Cantate pour elle (1966) for soprano, harp and tape, Luminétudes (1968) for tape, Lumina (1968) for 12 strings and tape, Week-end (1982) for tape) and links his sound objects to “Malecian objects” in his instrumental writing.

Table of contents:

  1. From Zagreb to Paris
  2. The ‘generator concept’
  3. Writing reconsidered
  4. The mixture of worlds
  5. Ultimate recycling?
  6. The voice, the woman: a Malecian mythology
  7. Challenges of the future

Abstract translation(s):


Robert, Martial (2005). Ivo Malec et son studio instrumental