Smith, Ronald B.


An Interview with Tristan Murail

Computer Music Journal: Vol. 24, no.1. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press: 11-19.


Language(s): English


Socio-Cultural Aspects of Electroacoustic Music Mixed Work


An interview with composer and founder of the ensemble L’Itineraire - Tristran Murail. He describes the contemporary music scene in Paris in the early 1970’s, including the electronic technology that the ensemble was using at that time. He discusses the aesthetic mission of the ensemble and his thoughts on the aesthetic movement known as ‘spectral composition’, that himself and Gerard Grisey are credited with founding. fluticasone propionate oral inhaler femalegra opinie in uk prexaton tablets in mexico generic iressa armodafinil buy buy enalapril no rx nizonide for naltrexone buy dilantin without prescription diflucan tablets order lasix amitriptyline cost in usa buy floricot info about quinine sulphate 300mg amitriptyline without a prescription purchase doxycycline amlodipine uk accutane lasix no rx modalert overnight metronidazole order cheap information about budeprion xl 150mg cost of premarin fluticasone amitriptyline sale buy azithromycin online super p force for sale memantine hplc buy cheap attentrol bimatoprost for sale information zantac cost buy waklert uk erlotinib drug order vilitra generic enalapril more info doxycycline 100 mg capsules more lioresal 10mg buy piracetam buy finasteride online in france lioresal information purchase calaptin ciprofloxacin no prescription more info buy cheapest piracetam purchase lipitor in france namenda generic cheapest deals on nexium xenical buy online buy doryx 150 mg online purchase anabrez buy doxycycline from canada about naltrexone costs bupropion tablets in usa 150mg zantac