McCartney, Andra


A Prelude to Ea Gender Issues

Contact!, vol. 8, no. 2. Montréal: CEC.


Language(s): English,  French


Socio-Cultural Aspects of Electroacoustic Music Electroacoustic Music


In 1993 the author asked 14 female composers about the relationships between women and technology in electroacoustic music. The author analyses how some of them believed that the technological skills seemed to compromise their femininity. She uses the Cyborg metaphor to demonstrate how technology is important today. She also explains how the role-playing of the female composer as an exceptional woman is often choosen by them.

This paper is an introduction to the two articles The Ambigous Relation (1/2) and The Ambigous Relation (2/2).

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McCartney, Andra (1995a). Un prélude aux problématiques en éa

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