Schryer, Claude


Entre ici et là. A Radio Piece in Eight Movements

eContact!, vol. 2, no. 3. Montréal: CEC


Language(s): English,  French

Media(s): Audio


Acousmatic Radiophonics


Entre ici et là was composed from his piece Au dernier vivant les biens. The composer presents his radio piece through the history of its composition and the different versions for radio and for the acousmatic concert space. He also proposes aesthetic thoughts on his musical work.

Abstract translation(s):


Schryer, Claude (1999). Entre ici et là. Une création radiophonique en huit mouvements

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Schryer, Claude (2001). The Sharawadji Effect


Schryer, Claude (1998). A la recherche de l'effet Sharawadji