Wyatt, Scott A.


Investigative Studies on Sound Diffusion/Projection

eContact!, vol. 2, no. 4. Montréal: CEC.

URL: http://cec.concordia.ca/econtact/Diffusion/Investigative.htm

Language(s): English


Spectromorphology Gesture Composed Space Spatialisation Automated Spatialisation Systems Loudspeaker Orchestra Graphic Score


Sound diffusion refers to several attitudes from composed spatial gestures elaborated in the studio to automated concert spatialisation system. The author studies two theoretical bases (Bayle and Smalley) and presents different configurations through practical examples of acousmonium systems. To conclude, he proposes a graphical notation of diffusion.

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Wyatt, Scott A. (1998). Gestural Composition


Wyatt, Scott A. (1998). Composition gestuelle

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