Puckette, Miller


Max at Seventeen

Computer Music Journal: Vol. 26, no. 4. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press: 31-43.

URL: http://www.mitpressjournals.org/loi/comj

Language(s): English


Graphic Interface Controller MIDI Real-time Socio-Cultural Aspects of Electroacoustic Music Computer Music


This article concerns Max - a computer environment for realising live electronic music. It focuses on Max as a paradigm (incorporating three currently supported computer programs - Max/MSP, jmax, and Pd) one that can be described as a way of combining pre-designed building blocks into configurations useful for real-time computer music performance. It addresses design issues, programming, musical potential, software and techniques. It concludes with a discussion on where Max fits, in terms of the changes in the social fabric that have occurred over the past seventeen years since it was first written (1985-2002).

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Puckette, Miller (1991). Something Digital
Puckette, Miller (1994). Is There Life After MIDI?

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