Berry, Rodney, Dahlstedt, Palle


Artificial Life: Why Should Musicians Bother?

Contemporary Music Review: Vol. 22, Issue 3. London: Routledge: 57-67.


Language(s): English


Automated Composition Immersive Environment Socio-Cultural Aspects of Electroacoustic Music Virtual Reality


In this article, the authors argue that no new technology appears in a society without causing changes to that society. Artists instinctively respond to these changes and the potential meanings of the technologies that bring them about. In this way, artists’ interest in technology goes beyond the simple desire to possess new tools for artistic expression. Artists serve to prepare society for the invisible changes going on within it by producing artworks in response to the mechanisms of change. The authors discusses their approaches to using concepts from artificial life in their musical works, which are basically of two kinds - artificial worlds producing music as an output, and interactive compositional tools using evolutionary algorithms to generate music and sound. It also provides a brief cultural context for these works.