Palombini, Carlos


Pierre Schaeffer, 1953: towards an Experimental Music

Music and Letters: Vol. 74, No. 4. Oxford: Oxford University Press: 547-557.


Language(s): English


Musique Concrète Schaefferian Theory Serialism Sound Source Listening Experience Timbre Electroacoustic Music Tape Music


In this article, the author presents an analysis of the relationship between Pierre Schaeffer and the musical avant-garde of 1953, with particular reference to Pierre Boulez and to Schaeffer’s shift from musique concrète to recherche musicale. The main source is Schaeffer’s ’Vers une musique expérimentale’; extensive excerpts are translated here into English. The antagonism between the Paris and Cologne studios is discussed in the light of two different approaches to technology and tradition; for the exponents of elektronische Musik new technology was a means to perfect Western music, while for Schaeffer it was simply a means to make new musical discoveries.

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