Palombini, Carlos


Pierre Schaeffer's Typo-Morphology of Sonic Objects

PhD thesis. University of Durham, UK.


Language(s): English


Classification of Sound Schaefferian Theory Serialism Micro-level Structure Sound Source Grain Typo-morphologie (Typo-morphology) Listening Experience Modes of Listening Source Recognition Timbre Electroacoustic Music Radiophonics Tape Music Timbral Composition Phenomenology Écoutes Banales et Practiciennes (Ordinary and Practical Listening) Écoutes Naturelles et Culturelles (Natural and Cultural Listening) Morphology PROGREMU Typologie (Typology) Morphologie (Morphology)


This thesis proposes to present to the English-speaking reader the two successfully achieved stages of Schaeffer’s 1966 solfège, namely typology and morphology, as expounded in Traité des objets musicaux, situating them in the larger context of Schaeffer’s musicological work and in the specific context of the solfège. This is done through translation of and commentary on Schaeffer’s writing.

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