Rowe, Robert


Interactive Music Systems: Machine Listening and Composing

Cambridge, MA: MIT Press

Language(s): English


Interactivity Computing MIDI Live Electronics Computer Music


In this book, the author describes a range of interactive computer music systems. He considers the impact of three related fields (music theory, music cognition and artificial intelligence) on the design of such systems, particularly as this impact affects their ability to function in ensembles including human performers. Although extensive consideration is given to the interactive system called Cypher, musical motivations and possibilities accompanying interactive systems occupies the forefront of the discussion.

Table of contents:

1. Interactive Music Systems
2. Fundamentals
3. Live Computer Music
4. Music Theory, Music Cognition
5. Machine Listening
6. Machine Composition
7. Interactive Architectures and Artificial Intelligence
8. Outlook

All references of the same author:


Rowe, Robert (1995). Incrementally Improving Interactive Music Systems
Rowe, Robert (1999). The Aesthetic of Interactive Music Systems

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