Wishart, Trevor


On Sonic Art - Revised Edition

London: Routledge.

Language(s): English


Electroacoustic Music Sonic Art Aural Landscape Musicology of Electroacoustic Music [MEM]


In this comprehensive book, the author draws together various theoretical threads that have emerged from his years of experience working in music, music-theatre and electroacoustic music. The author addresses communicative issues in the composition of sonic art from a perceptual perspective, searching for criteria for composing music with non-lattice materials which ’work’ in some experientially verifiable sense.

Table of contents:

1. What is Sonic Art?
2. Beyond the Pitch/Duration Paradigm
3. Pythagoras, Fourier, Helmholtz: Towards a Phenomenology of Sound
4. The Nature of Sonic Space
5. Sound Structures in the Continuum
6. Gesture and Counterpoint
7. Sound Landscape
8. Sound-image as Metaphor: Music And Myth
9. Is There a Natural Morphology of Sounds?
10. Spatial Motion
11. Utterance
12. The Human Repertoire
13. Phonemic Objects
14. Language Stream and Paralanguage
15. The Group
16. Beyond the Instrument: Sound Models

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