Wishart, Trevor


Sound Symbols and Landscapes

In Emmerson, S. (Ed.) The Language of Electroacoustic Music. London: Macmillan: 41-60.

Language(s): English


Musique Concrète Semantic Listening Abstract Syntax and Abstracted Syntax Aural Discourse and Mimetic Discourse Musical Landscape Narrative Source Recognition Electroacoustic Music Sonic Art Aural Landscape


In this essay, the author defines and discusses the aural landscape of electroacoustic music. He discusses how a composer can establish networks of relationships that are based on the natural perceptual abilities of the listener; including elements of metaphor and symbolism, and how the overall architecture of a work can function in both an acoustically/musically structured and metaphoric/symbolic manner. He discusses how an approach based on aural landscape concepts can be used establish a strong discourse within a work, one that has the potential for establishing strong lines of communication between a composer and a listener.

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