Machover, Tod


A Stubborn Search for Artistic Unity

In Emmerson, S. (Ed.) The Language of Electroacoustic Music. London: Macmillan: 191-215.

Language(s): English


Formalism Discourse within Electroacoustic Music Socio-Cultural Aspects of Electroacoustic Music Computer Music Audio-vision Multimedia Mixed Work


In this article, the author discusses some aesthetic and technical aspects of his work that illustrate his view that there is a fundamental unifying principal in artistic creation, that the establishment of relationships between seemingly diverse objects is one of the great sources of aesthetic satisfaction. He discusses how computer music technology may indeed be an ideal medium in which, paradoxically, the differentiation of musical materials can be intensified while ever-deeper layers of sonic coherence are established. He concludes with a detailed discussion of his opera Valis.

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