MacDonald, Alistair


Performance Practice in the Presentation of Electroacoustic Music

Computer Music Journal: Vol. 19, No. 4. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press: 88-92.
Also published in: Journal of Electroacoustic Music. Vol. 11. London: Sonic Arts Network: 21-24. [1998]


Language(s): English


Acousmatic Composed Space Diffusion Sound Projection Structural Analysis Musical Landscape Causality Source Bonding Surrogacy Electroacoustic Music


In this article, the author offers his thoughts concerning the reasons for the limited appeal of electroacoustic music. He argues that the physical aspects of electroacoustic music are often not articulated in concert because of poor performance practice. To address this he proposes that sound diffusion over a carefully designed and installed array of loudspeakers should be recognised as a necessity rather than an option in the public presentation of electroacoustic music as it is only through careful performance that the carriers of meaning in electroacoustic music can be communicated.