Cook, Perry


Principles for Designing Computer Music Controllers

Proceedings 2001 International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME)


Language(s): English


Interactivity Controller Data Tracking Gestural Interface MIDI Triggering Interactive Instruments Physical Modelling


Through designing and constructing controllers over the last 15 years, the author has developed some principles and a (loose) philosophy. These are not assumed to be universal, but are rather a set of opinions formed as part of the process of making many musical interfaces. They relate to practical issues for the modern instrument craftsperson/hacker. In this paper the author presents some observations on the design, artistic, and human factors of creating digital music controllers. Specific projects are presented, and a set of design principles are established through these examples.

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Cook, Perry (2004). Remutualizing the Musical Instrument: Co-Design of Synthesis Algorithms and Controllers