Boulanger, Richard


Interview with Roger Reynolds, Joji Yuasa and Charles Wuorinen

Computer Music Journal: Vol. 8, No. 4. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press: 45-54.


Language(s): English


Discourse within Electroacoustic Music Computer Music Electronic Music Tape Music


This article presents an interview with Roger Reynolds, Joji Yuasa and Charles Wuorinen who at the time were in residence at the University of California, San Diego’s Centre for Music Experiment (CME). These three composers have been creatively involved with electronic (analogue) and digital mediums. They discuss three of their early works - Icon (Yuasa, 1966-67); Time Encomium (Wuorinen, 1968-69); Voicespace (Reynolds, 1975-80) and three of their most recent (1984) works - Beyond the Midnight Sun (Yuasa); Bamboula Squared (Wuorinen) and Transfigured Wind (Reynolds).They reflect on how changing technology has been reflected in their changing compositional concerns.

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