DeLio, Thomas


Diamorphoses by Iannis Xenakis

In Licata, Thomas (ed.) Electroacoustic Music: Analytical Perspectives. Westport, Connecticut: Greenwood: 41-57.

Language(s): English


Musique Concrète Grammar Macro-level Structure Micro-level Structure Sonogram Structural Analysis Abstract Syntax and Abstracted Syntax Electroacoustic Music Electronic Music


In this chapter, the author presents a detailed structural, poietic (production-based) analysis of Iannis Xenakis’ first electronic work Diamorphoses (1957). He discusses the ways in which one must consider selecting the most appropriate means for analysing a work’s sonic events, particularly for those works without a score. He uses sonograms to illustrate and contextualise his analysis. ciprofloxacin er 1000mg active site of gefitinib lipitor in romania buy vardenafil online uk buy generic sulpitac online in mayami generic dilantin amitriptyline 25 in usa generic zantac lipitor 10 mg buy prednisolone online in united states buy orlistat capsules 120mg info about buy lipitor canada pharmacy omeprazole best price buy zyban usa buy premarin online in canada about premarin tablet order lasuna in usa information bupropion hcl sr tabs rogaine shampoo price letrozole 7.5mg buy bimatoprost amazon in canada amiloride hcl canada more info about dilantin 300 mg information buy dapoxetine in pakistan prilosec generic 80 mg lipitor generic gleevec for sale zyban online drug iressa drug vasotec bupropion mg duprost for sale in usa filagra bupropion er 12 hr bimatoprost generic buy modafinil buy kamagra oral jelly australia buy ranitidine waklert uk canadian nexium ciprofloxacin hc in usa about over the counter tretinoin naltrexone 200mg in usa methoxn diflucan tabs azithromycin pack price more info buy urimax online azithromycin 250 wholesale accutane low cost femara amitriptyline 5 mg about ciprofloxacin 5312