Lysloff, René T. A.


Musical Life in Softcity: An Internet Ethnography

In Lysloff, René T. A. and Gay, Leslie C. Jr. (eds.) Music and Technoculture. Middletown, CT: Weslyan University Press: 23-63.

Language(s): English


Recycling Sampling Socio-Cultural Aspects of Electroacoustic Music Internet Music


In this chapter, the author discusses his ethnographic research concerning on an online community devoted to a particular form of internet-based music called ’mod’ (short for ’digital music module’). The composition of ’mod’ music involves a much closer contact with musical sound than conventional composition, because every aspect of each sonic event is coded - pitch, duration, volume, panning, reverb and so on. Once composed, these ’mods’ are released onto the internet where users can download and play the music using a ’mod’ player.