Marsh, Charity, West, Melissa


The Nature/Technology Binary Opposition Dismantled in the Music of Madonna

In Lysloff, René T. A. and Gay, Leslie C. Jr. (eds.) Music and Technoculture. Middletown, CT: Weslyan University Press: 182-203.

Language(s): English


Interdisciplinary Studies Hybrid Thinking Socio-Cultural Aspects of Electroacoustic Music Electronica


In this chapter, the authors explore Madonna and Björk’s views on electronic music and the nature/technology relationship, through an analysis of two of their albums - Madonna’s Ray of Light (1998) and Björk’s Homogenic (1997). The authors argue that both artists contribute to the dismantling of the nature/technology dichotomy promoted within the realm of popular music by using electronic technology in a non-traditional manner.