Sterne, Jonathan


Sounds Like the Mall of America: Programmed Music and the Architectonics of Commercial Space

In Lysloff, René T. A. and Gay, Leslie C. Jr. (eds.) Music and Technoculture. Middletown, CT: Weslyan University Press: 316-345.

Language(s): English


Soundscape Design Socio-Cultural Aspects of Electroacoustic Music Psychoacoustics


In this chapter the author notes that, in the USA, shopping malls have become icons of consumer society, and that when discussing the shopping mall in a social/cultural context the visual bias in such critique tends towards the assumption that all matters presents itself to be seen. But what if we were to listen to a shopping mall instead? What could be heard? In addressing these questions the author examines the use and effect of programmed music (often referred to under its most prominent brand name, MUZAK).