Fumarola, Martin Alejandro


Change and Permanence in LatinAmerican Electroacoustic and Computer Music: A Compositional Approach

In Proceedings of the 1998 International Computer Music Conference - Ann Arbor. San Francisco, CA: ICMA: 80-83.

URL: http://www.computermusic.org

Language(s): English


Socio-Cultural Aspects of Electroacoustic Music Computer Music Electroacoustic Music


In this brief paper, the author presents a critical analysis of how LatinAmerican electroacoustic and computer music had evolved over the thirty-year period up to 1998. By contrasting two particular pieces that represent the two stylistic and technological groups under consideration - Homenaje a la Flecha Clavada en el Pecho de Juan Díaz de Solís by Coruín Aharonían (Uruguay) representing pure LatinAmerican contemporary music, and Nahual II by Roberto Morales-Manzanares (Mexico) representing LatinAmerican computer music - he establishes the evolutionary tendencies in compositional approach for these two groups.

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Fumarola, Martin Alejandro (1996). An Approach to a LatinAmerican Computer Music

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