Keane, David


The Quest for 'Musically Interesting' Structures in Computer Music

In Heifetz, R. J. (ed,) On the Wires of Our Nerves: The Art of Electroacoustic Music. London: Associated University Press: 97-110.
Also published in: Proceedings of the 1981 International Computer Music Conference - Texas. San Francisco, CA: ICMA: 3-18.

Language(s): English


Discourse within Electroacoustic Music Listening Strategy Computer Music Electroacoustic Music


In this essay, the author argues that there is a shared general dissatisfaction with the music that is being produced by computer, in terms of its ability to access and communicate with a general audience. In addressing this issue he suggests that electroacoustic/computer music composers should rediscover strategies that appeal to the workings of the human mind, rather than those that merely derive from the workings of machines.

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