Polansky, Larry


Signing Together, Hacking Together, Plundering Together: Sonic Intellectual Property in Cybertimes

Paper written for Humanities Research Institute 98, 'The Tangled Web'.

URL: http://www.the-open-space.org/osonline/polansky/singing.html

Language(s): English


FFT Recycling Sampling Socio-Cultural Aspects of Electroacoustic Music Plunderphonics


In this paper, the author reflects on his interest in the ways that new (and often radical) artistic ideas co-evolve with and often raise issues about technology and politics. He discusses important considerations concerning sound replication and transformation via computers, and the aesthetic and philosophical features of the techno-music landscape, introducing the concept of ’hacker aesthetics’. He also discusses three projects that have employed music technology in ways that question certain values or policies - John Oswald’s Plunderphonics (1988-89), illegal art‘s Deconstructing Beck (1998), and Polansky et. al Frog Peak Collaborations Project (1996-98). The online version of the article includes audio examples.

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