Voegelin, Salomé


How Can You Hear It When You Don't Know What You Are Listening For? - The Need For a Critical Context of Listening

Diffusion: Sonic Arts Network (SAN), March 2004.

URL: http://www.sonicartsnetwork.org/diffusion/diffusion_17_03_04.htm

Language(s): English


Something to Hold on to Factor Listening Experience Impact of Electroacoustic Music


In this article, the author argues that in order access a broader listening public, art music needs to create a better communicative connection between itself and the public. To achieve this it is important to provide the audience with the terms of reference for their listening practice, enabling the audience to engage with the work without doubting the validity of what is being heard and without feeling alienated by an expression that does not possess a vocabulary that they can identify with.

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