Cox, Christoph, Warner, Daniel


Audio Culture: Readings in Modern Music

NY: Continuum.

Language(s): English


Genres and Categories [G&C] ,  Musicology of Electroacoustic Music [MEM] Performance Practice and Presentation [PPP]


This comprehensive book presents a collection of writings by composers, performers, producers, philosophers and cultural theorists. It seeks to reflect the new audio culture as a discourse, a collection of terms and concepts gathered from across the cultural field and through a half-century of cultural history; a discourse that challenges aesthetic distinctions between ’high art’ and ’pop’ culture, highlighting the connections between vanguard music of today and the sonic experimentation of the past. It also presents a historical chronology of major events, a selected discography to support each section, and a glossary of terms.

Table of contents:

Part One: Theories
I. Music and Its Others: Noise, Sound, Silence
II. Modes of Listening
III. Music in the Age of Electronic (Re)production

Part Two: Practices
IV. The Open Work
V. Experimental Musics
VI. Improvised Musics
VII. Minimalisms
VIII. DJ Culture
IX. Electronic Music and Electronica