López, Francisco


Profound Listening and Environment Sound Behaviour

In Cox, Christoph, Warner, Daniel (eds.) Audio Culture: Readings in Modern Music: NY: Continuum: 82-87.
Also published in: Rothenberg, D. & Ulvaeus, M. (eds.) The Book of Music and Nature: Middletown, CT: Wesleyan University Press, 2001.

Language(s): English


Environmental Sound Acousmatic Listening Strategy


In this article, the author discusses his compositional philosophy and his theory of listening, in particular his ’blind’ listening approach - the application of an acousmatic approach when composing with and listening to natural sound environments. He exemplifies this discussion through his work La Selva (1997) which comprises of field recordings made in the La Selva rainforest reserve in Costa Rica.

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Lopez, Francisco (1998). Schizophonia vs. l'object sonore: soundscapes and artistic freedom


Lopez, Francisco (1998). Schizophonia vs. l'object sonore : soundscapes and artistic freedom