Criton, Pascale


Mutation and Processuality in the Musical Thought of Horacio Vaggione

Contemporary Music Review: Vol. 24, No. 4/5. London: Routledge: 371-381.


Language(s): English


Formalism Macro-level Structure Micro-level Structure Interiority Morphology


In this article, the author attempts to expose the axes that play a determining role in Horacio Vaggione’s musical and theoretical plan. A group of choices prevails in the construction of a paradigmatic field: from scientific references about ‘complexity’ to the renewed wagers of musical informatics and acoustics. The energetic, temporal and transformational factors that contribute to the development of a dispositif of thought are highlighted with the following characteristic aspects: spatio-temporal interplay; an energetic viewpoint; ‘action-perception’ reciprocity; axiomatics; the intensive field of timbre; an approach to differentiation; processuality and mutation; a listening proposition; and an ontological position. information about bupropion oral buy cipro ciprofloxacin without no prescription generic for vasotec information no prescription premarin eriacta buy zithromax no prescription bupropion information about zenegra 100 canadian drugs lipitor buy iressa gefitinib nexium 500 mg accutane from canada over-the-counter omeprazole flagyl generic information about doxycycline 100 mg capsule more info about buy levitra online cheap bupropion hcl xl 150 in california information about buy lithosun sr online about ciprofloxacin hcl canadian pharmacies premarin lipitor cheap amiloride hcl canada prilosec otc cheap lipitor best price buy vardenafil hcl generic for bupropion enalapril 20 azithromycin without perscription buy cheap super kamagra finasteride generic info about bupropion hcl xl 150 modafinil canada zocor costs info about rogaine shampoo walmart femara prescription phoenix generic for premarin info about buy xenical cheap online gleevec avastin in mayami information about but accutane cheapest deals on nexium buy aldactone penegra pills in new york more generic brand for zocor purchase armodafinil online purchase ampicillin online zocor without a prescription azithromycin over the counter purchase sulpitac in mayami lipitor online no prescription generic ciprofloxacin cobalt modafresh 200 mg in new york 0.03 bimatoprost in mexico