Favreau Emmanuel, Iger, Anne-Claude,


Entretien avec Emmanuel Favreau

L'Éducation Musicale, No. 491. Paris: L'Éducation Musicale: 22-23.

Language(s): French


Computing Graphic Interface Acousmographe Computer Music


Emmanuel Favreau discusses his role in the Groupe de Recherches Musicales (GRM). He focusses on the development of GRM Tools: its origin in SYTER, and how to develop a useful interface for composers. He also discusses future developments of the ‘interpolator’ (an interpolation system that works with GRM Tools DSP software and allows the user to control multiple signal processing parameters simultaneously). He concludes with a brief presentation of the Acousmograph (a software tool which offers a graphic representation of input sounds).

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Favreau Emmanuel, Iger, Anne-Claude, (2002). Entretien avec Emmanuel Favreau