Leipp, Émile


La musique expérimentale au laboratoire d'acoustique

GAM (Bulletin du Groupe d'Acoustique Musicale), no. 33. Paris: GAM: 17-26.

Language(s): French


Historical Electroacoustic Devices Synthesis and Resynthesis Techniques Visual Representation Sonogram Electronic Music Experimental Music Psychoacoustics


After some music generalities (what is a musical instrument and a musical sound? What is music?), the author presents a (then) new electronic instrument: the icophone. The icophone is a vocoder that incorporates a visual representation of sound - it can be operated as a text-to-speech synthesiser. The article concludes with an example of visual representation and correspondences between graphical objects and their sound realizations.

Abstract translation(s):


Leipp, Émile (1968). La musique expérimentale au laboratoire d'acoustique

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